About reservation

Regarding reservation, we accept only customers who can visit us by 11:30 on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, as long as you can visit us by 12:00 on weekdays. We will inform you of vacant seats sequentially from customers who visited us so that you will not have to wait after that time.

Humbly thank you for your understanding.

Request to customers

Regarding reservation by e-mail, please give me two days in advance with the telephone number of the contact by 2 days in advance. Please set it so that mail from PC will arrive from mobile. Even if you reply from here, there are situations where you can not contact with customers without receiving e-mails. Please make a call to the store directly for reservations on the day of the day.

<Days Closed in October> 

10/ 4(Wed)

Days Closed in November>
11/  1(Wed)
11/  8(Wed)

There is a fan page of Cafe Yasushi Satoshi on Facebook. Thank you

I also do an event guide here